Realistic interior visualization in VrayForC4d , Industrial style room

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in this advanced series of tutorials in more than 6 hours, we learn how to render an industrial style room using VrayForC4d from scratch.

we cover lighting, material and shader development, rendering and post-production, we start off the course by lighting our room very quickly and then dive into creating our complex and challenging materials.

We chose industrial style specifically to make this course really challenging, throughout this tutorial series we develop over 100 unique advanced materials and show you real-world production-proven techniques.

we create all sort of materials including fabrics, woods, metals, fruits, plant and flower, aged and dirty materials, antiquey shaders and much more.

After we finished creating materials we start working on our lighting and our camera and make our lighting exactly to our liking.

The next step would be to prepare our scene for the final render, we show you how to setup a high-quality interior render and at the same time how to make a flexible system that enables you to change between High quality and low quality render settings by one click.

After we rendered our scene from different camera angles we start post-production process inside Adobe Photoshop and walk you through some techniques that can turn your 3D Raw renders around.

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Realistic interior visualization in VrayForC4d , Industrial style room

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