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Introduction to Interior Visualization with Redshift and Cinema 4d

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In this course, you learn how to light, shade and render realistic interior scenes using Cinema 4D and Redshift.

First, you learn how to work with references and how to look at and analyze them, then we start setting up our lights and compare different lighting setups and techniques until we have the most optimized and realistic interior lighting. 

Next we learn how essential it is to have a secondary lighting setup for the look dev process; this secondary lighting setup will help us to have a near real-time shader development process without having to suffer the longer render times that comes with difficult interior shots.

Not only you learn the how part of the lighting process but the why part as well, basically why we do what we do, and this would definitely help you in your own projects.

Then we start working on our shaders, we create more than 60 shaders, all kinds of materials, plaster, marble, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, paint, rubber, glass, translucent plastic, parquet, plants, leaves, soil, clay and much more ….

We also talk about more advanced shading techniques like randomizing textures, colors and materials per geometry, this technique could be very useful in complex scenes when you want to avoid repetition when applying the same material to multiple objects, or have very specific and customizable control over the colors and attributes of a set of objects that have the same material.

After we are done with the materials, we start preparing our scene for the final render, we compare the benefits of automatic and custom sampling and finally use custom sampling to setup the final render.

This is our 22nd online course here at MographPlus in the past decade, Thousands of students from around the world have participated in our courses, I invite you to join as well and learn the fundamentals of interior visualization using Cinema 4D and Redshift

So, sign in or sign up and let’s get started.

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March 18, 2023
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Introduction to Interior Visualization with Redshift and Cinema 4d

16 ratings
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